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About Us – Company Profile

Sandveld Organics has been founded by Theunis and Susi Engelbrecht in 1998. As an organic farm in Lamberts Bay we have come through the years of learning mainly the hard way. In an area with low winter rainfalls, strong winds and high temperatures in summer the production of vegetables poses many challenges. I guess it is true to say that we have pioneered organic farming here on the West Coast. Sandveld Organics has achieved and maintained organic certification since inception in 1998.

We started initially with fresh vegetables only, and for a few years we worked very hard to gain and maintain the status of independent supplier to one of South Africa’s leading retail groups. In this time we learnt all there is about the packing and processing of fresh produce. Our premises and systems were upgraded to meet the latest standards in hygiene as well as all relevant occupational and environmental regulations. Today we produce a selected range of fresh vegetables, pack with as little plastic as possible and distribute our produce through Cape Town’s web of informal markets, organic box systems and shops.

The sourcing of organic seeds is difficult in South Africa and we quickly started with the propagation of our own seeds. Our search for advice on the production of organic seeds led us to Sativa Rheinau, a leading Swiss organic seed producer. They assisted with best practices for the production and storage of quality seeds. In cooperation with Sativa we also evaluated the suitability of different vegetable varieties from the Northern Hemisphere for cultivation in South Africa. Today we produce and import a wide range of certified organic vegetable and herb seeds for sale in South Africa. In compliance with Plant Protection laws Sandveld Organics obtained the Registration as a Producer, Processor and Seller of Seed with the Department of Agriculture in 2002.

Organic farming practices always yield a fair share of vegetables and fruits which taste excellent but do not make the grade. Turning such not quite perfect produce into delicious preserves is an excellent way of utilising the whole harvest in a gainful way. We have pickled and potted about everything that grows here and over the years have tested and selected recipes for a range preserves that we are proud of. Sandveld Organics preserves can be found on the shelves of farm stalls and delis as far as in the Cape and Uppington.

We have always been keen to share knowledge and experience with others. We started casually helping a group of women from the coloured fishing community struggling with their vegetable garden in Lamberts Bay. This involvement has grown into a structured support programme for emerging farmers developed with the aid of various State Departments. The training modules covering the main aspects of sustainable vegetable production have been presented and rated a success by emerging farmer communities in the greater Cederberg area. Other modules covering topics like marketing and business skills have been added to complement the practical training.



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