We strive to live life in harmony with nature. By respecting people, creatures and the environment alike we can all work together to reach higher levels and fulfil our dreams.


Sandveld Organics offers a range of certified organic vegetable, salad and herb seeds that perform well under organic cultivation. Our seeds are all grown in the open pollinated way and contain no genetically modified organisms whatsoever. Most varieties qualify for heirloom status defined as ‘before the chemical revolution brought about by the Second World War’. Other heirloom definitions require a variety’s age to be at least 50 years or older, which also applies to most of our plant varieties.

We have for years been importing and working with certified organic seeds from Sativa Rheinau AG in Switzerland (Certified by Demeter or Bio Swiss). Selected seeds have been produced in cooperation with Jamaka Organic Farm in the Cederberg area; they are certified through SGS. Sandveld Organics has been registered with the Department of Agriculture as grower, cleaner & seller of seed since 2002.

Our range of seeds includes VEGETABLES, HERBS AND SALADS and USEFUL PLANTS & FLOWERS.... Availabilities vary on short notice depending on harvests and seasons. All our products are offered in good faith and without guarantee.