We strive to live life in harmony with nature. By respecting people, creatures and the environment alike we can all work together to reach higher levels and fulfil our dreams.


In all honesty we may say that our Preserves contain no artificial anything. We use only fresh produce from our own fields, or from fruit grown by Jamaka Organic Farm in the Cederberg. We do all the processing in-house, ourselves and according to stringent quality and hygiene standards. The recipies that we follow have been tried and tested, they originate from all over the world. Most of them use few ingredients only, selected for pure and genuine flavour.

Certified Organic Sugar is used in all products. Non-organic ingredients are used where no organic alternatives are available or viable – they are clearly identified on the product information as such. Organic content is calculated according to (EEC) 2092/91 standards. Absolutely no preservatives or colorants are used.

Container shape may vary according to availability. Preserves may also vary in colour, texture, taste or hotness just like the fruit and veggies differ that we work with.