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SANDVELD ORGANICS – Yearly Harvesting Schedule

This table provides an idea what is planted and harvested through the year here at Sandveld Organics. The products indicated may or may not be planted, and harvest may or may not be a success.

Chillies Various February to May Processing and seed only
Eggplant Black Beauty, Violette, Sfumata February to May Processing and seed only
Okra Clemson February to May Processing and seed only
Peas Traditional June to October Seed Only
  Mange-Tout June to October  
  Sugar Snap June to October  
Radish Cherry Belle June to October Seed only
Kohlrabi Azur & Lanro August to October Small volumes only
Cabbages White and Red October to December Processing only
Beetroot Detroit December to March Processing and Seed Only
Leek Carentan April to December  
Carrots Nantes September to November  
Artichokes Green Globe September to November Processing and seed only
Garlic Giant December to April  
  Pink December to April Seed Only
Onions Brown December to April  
  Red March to May  
  Florence December to April  
Herbs Mint, Fennel, Rosemary All Year Processing and seed only
  Basil February to May Processing and seed only
  Celery, Parsley May to October Processing and seed only

Fresh produce is delivered once a week to Cape Town, for collection Tuesday mornings by customers themselves in Airport Industries.

July 2017